Saturday, May 01, 2010

It's a .....

So we went to the dr. on April 20th to hopefully find out what we were having. And "it" cooperated we are having a GIRL!!! Her name will be Makayla! We are super excited. We already went to Babies R Us and started registering. Although, it freaked us out a little we are doing ok now and got a lot accomplished. Now we can officially start setting up the nursery! The nursery will be a bug theme, the bedding is lady bugs and butterflies and is purple and pink. We are hoping that she is 100% a girl because my next ultrasound will not be until 36 weeks. Next appointment is May 20th and will be a normal checkup. Below is my favorite ultrasound picture, it looks like she's blowing bubbles.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Numerous Updates

So I have a couple of updates to post since I posted 7 months ago.

In January my hubby and I found out we were expecting our first little one. It was complete surprise to us, but we are super excited. I am currently 14 weeks along and very excited to be out of the first trimester. Luckily, my pregnancy has pretty smooth sailing. No nausea except a little in the 13th week and so far little to no weight gain! Yay! We can't wait to find out what we are having so we can get everything planned. My hubby has started to do minor stuff to the nursery so I am very happy about that. The little one is expected to arrive on September 10, 2010.

My hubby has been layed off since the end of last year, but it has been great so far. He is working the the VFD in our neighborhood and taking courses to become an EMT so we will see which of his careers will happen first.

And lastly, I was promoted. I am now an assistant manager with my company at an apartment community in Austin and am very happy with my new position. I am loving where I work.

Hopefully, I'll try and keep this updated a little better. I am however usually in bed by 9pm because I am EXHAUSTED but the time I get home from work!!

Til next time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I quit!!

So today was supposed to be day 2 of my watermelon cleanse!! And I failed! I put a piece of watermelon in my mouth this morning and almost threw up! I got sick of it! I am looking forward to doing a different type of cleanse, but one that I can eat different foods! Again I failed...but I'm happy to be eating normal foods!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Watermelon Cleanse

Today was the first day of a 3 day watermelon cleanse. It is very simple ... eat nothing but watermelon for three straight days. Typically you eat a ration of watermelon approx. every two hours, me I eat it when I'm hungry...which is about every two hours! Me and a couple of ladies at work are doing this. My husband thinks I'm crazy and hopes that I'll start to crave not see that happening! As I said today was day one and it hasn't been easy. I craved everything today. My regional is also coming in tomorrow and usually buys us lunch...very tempting, but I'm going to try and see this through!

I foresee in the very near future that I will be very tired of Watermelon!!!!

This is what I feel like...drowning in watermelon! Well see how day two goes!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The new and improved room!! The Aggie Room

So this room has been a year in the painting! But it is finally done. It just needs some final touches, base boards, crown molding, and decorations everywhere, but for the most part it's done! This room was very difficult to paint because paint does not stick very well to the wall. I think there is something on the drywall that keeps the paint from adhering normally, therefore we could not use painter's tape. We had to pop chalk lines and my wonderful husband painted all the edges freehand. Here are some before and after pictures.

This room was lime green, yuck! The second pic is of the closet!

These next pics are of during...Now it has primer and the chalk lines! Now with the gray lines! These took the linAnd now AFTER! So excited. The main reason why we got this done is because my in-laws are coming this weekend and I needed to get all the crap out of the guest bedroom and back into the Aggie Room!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Starting Again!!

So this is my first post in about 4 years. I used to blog in college but stopped and deleted all of those because they were from college and were juvenile! My hobby right now is decorating and fixing up my house. My husband and I bought our house back in August and after months and months of negotiations and closing date changes we finally closed and moved in! YAY! We bought a foreclosure so we have done a lot of work inside and made it livable but are not anywhere to being completely done. I will post before and after shots once things are more complete! Right now I am focusing on outside because it is an absolute eye sore. The weather is beautiful outside and I think it is the perfect time! However we live in Smithville and there is nothing but pine trees in are yard which means pine needles everywhere. I have spent two days raking them up so I can start landscaping. My sister would be so proud. I'm not the best with plants, but I'm am determined to read and learn more about them so I don't waste money but killing them all! I took Hort classes in college but I just barely got out of those classes alive! I forgot to take complete before pictures, but you can see the tell by the half I did take before!

This is a before picture. My yard is covered in pine needles and h
orrible plants. I don't know what the people before me were thinking!

This next picture is what my yard looks like underneath all the pine needles. I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do with all these areas. The previous owners have a rock line that outline what I am going to landscape. I am going to keep this border because it will make everything much easier. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

This final picture is the two sides of the yard. I'm done cleaning out one side and it was a lot of work. You can also see the rock border (kinda). The left side is the side that I have completed cleaning out and the right I have yet to start. All in another days work.
I know that I am far from starting my planting, but I think the prep work takes the most time. I am looking forward to making my house more of a home; I found my some of my Hort books to try and educate myself. I am super excited. I hope my sister is totally ready to help!!!